Lincoln Center, New York

An Exploration into Making the World Work Better.

Located on Jaffe Drive at Lincoln Center in New York, the THINK exhibit combined three unique experiences to engage visitors in a conversation about how we can improve the way we live and work. The data wall, immersive film and interactive space. 

Data Wall / Visitors approaching the exhibit were drawn in by striking patterns displayed on a 123-foot digital wall. The wall visualizes, in real time, the live data streaming from the systems surrounding the exhibit, from traffic on Broadway, to solar energy, to air quality. Visitors discovered how we can now see change, waste and opportunities in the world’s systems

My role was to design the air particle matter system for the data wall alongside the developers to help visualize what this experience could look like. I helped set the look for the typography, color system and visualization of the particle system.

Role / Design
Produced at Mirada Studios Agency / SYPartners